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Color: Silver, Colorful (Because the intensity of sunlight and the environment are different, the reflected colored light will be slightly different, but it is still colored, very beautiful!)

Size:13X38cm/13X68cm,(Different styles, the overall length is different, when you buy, Please be sure to see the size in the picture)

Material: Stainless steel

The rotation effect of this wind chime is very good,The actual product is more beautiful than the picture, highly recommended, please click the video to view.

Scenes: For gardens, Lights, trees, walls, balconies, windows, doorways, bedrooms,Please put the wind spinner at the air outlet, they will only rotate when there is wind blowing, if you want them to rotate indoors when there is no wind, please contact us to buy a driver

3D Rotating wind chime:

[Charming, gorgeous]: Mirror reflection design, it can reflect the surrounding light well, and the colorful wind is more attractive.

[Stainless steel material]: The wind turbine and the hook are made of stainless steel, you can easily expand into a cool 3D shape.

[Suitable for indoor and outdoor]

Wind spinner can help calm and think, reduce worries, and better focus your mental attention. It can be hung on bedroom windows, living room windows, gardens, outdoor decorations and other places to make your life more beautiful. Our 3D wind spinner can dance in breeze or strong gusts of wind, creating reflections of light and colors. Hang it on a tree, terrace or balcony and add a piece of decoration. Let yourself be shocked by its beauty.

Size: The total length of the wind chimes, included the hook(8+30CM/8+60CM)

Easy to install:

When you receive the product, it is flat and you need to turn it by hand to open it,Squeeze the two ends of the wind chime with your hands, and rotate it in two different directions.The arc of the twist depends on your preference

Please pay attention to protection when moving, so as not to hurt your hands.You can click on our video to watch the operation method


The reflective effect is great, hang it in our garden, it is very cool!

A total of 5 styles are provided to you, each wind spinner can be rotated 360 degrees,easy to hang,protective coating,keep birds away from garden

Style 1(1Silver):


Style 2(1color):

Style 3(2Silver):

Style 4(1Silver1color):


Style 5(2color):



In fact, a piece of silver is already very beautiful

You can hang them on the eaves, or in the hallway

or to decorate your house,All are very good, you can take a look at the photos provided by our buyers

hanging on tree as decoration

The color wind spinners are also very beautiful


When they rotate, they will show different shapes, which are very elegant.

2 pieces of wind spinner together, more beautiful


I highly recommend you to choose a colorful wind chime. I was impressed by it. When I first saw it, I decided that I must bring this wind chime to you.

The silver one is also very good, Compared with the colorful wind chimes, it brings another feeling of being in a fairyland.the rotation effect of this wind chime is very special, it will show a dynamic arc, I like it very much,It is absolutely the best garden decoration outdoor

This hanging chime is very suitable for garden decoration, or corridors or as balcony decorations that can blow into the wind. They are all very good choices, and they are also very good gifts. No matter who you give them, he will be very surprised.

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